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The Rooms

There are 8 dedicated age-specific rooms giving lots of space for babies & children to play, learn, develop (and sleep!) with easy access to the ample outdoor space.

Baby Hopes (up to 14months) The Stables
Our baby rooms are purposely designed to help our team look after your baby. We have a large main play area with colourful, inspiring toys, cosy time corner, "help yourself" kinderbox book store and other fun & interactive toys.

There is a separate milk kitchen where your baby's bottles can be sterlised and feeds can be prepared & stored. The baby sleep room is in a quiet area of the nursery with subdued lighting and cots with natural fibre sheets and fresh blankets.

We have a separate feeding room with captain's table where your baby's key person can sit at the same level to serve and feed over a semi-circular table for up to three babies; this helps develops baby's social skills and good eating habits under supervision. This room also provides a sensory area with 'black and white' area with stimulating toys.

If you wish to breast feed your baby at the nursery you will be made most welcome. We are also happy to accept labelled bottled breast milk each day for our nursery nurses to give to your baby. If your baby is given formula milk we are pleased to prepare Aptamil or SMA. Formula milks, nappies and wipes are provided by the nursery at no extra charge.

Tiny Hopes (12-26months) The Stables
Our Tiny Hopes enjoy a large and spacious area in the stables. With half cushion floor, half carpet this room offers an extensive area for a multitude of activities such as messy play, cosy corner reading time and eating.

There is a cosy reading corner for story time, a mini kitchen with table & chair set for role play, sand & water play and much more! As with all our rooms, parents can access a "learning journey" within the room to read about their child's development and view recent activities. Large patio doors open out directly on to the courtyard play area.

Mini Hopes (24-38months) The Farmhouse
The Mini Hopes room is for developing and learning and offers an intermediary environment in which to progress from toddler to pre-schooler.

As with all our rooms, Mini Hopes have access to all 7 areas of learning following the Ofsted EYFS framework. This means access to books, messy play, construction materials and more are always available allowing your child to decide independently which area they want to play in.

With exciting activities going on each day, the Mini Hopes room is a fun and inspiring place to be!

Big Hopes (36-60months) The Farmhouse
The Big Hopes pre-school rooms offer a modern and spacious area in the Farmhouse. Spread over two rooms each with half cushion floor / half carpet, the Big Hopes rooms offer lots of space where our pre-schoolers can enjoy, learn and develop all their skills before moving on to big school! The 7 areas of learning are always laid out giving easy access and choice to different areas of learning. We have a quiet spot sat underneath large cosy leaves where children can take themselves to read quietly in this dedicated area.

There is also a further cosy story time corner where one of our dedicated team can capture your child's attention and trigger their imagination. in story telling. You will also find a mini kitchen complete with cooker, table & chairs and ironing set for role play. There is always something fun and engaging taking place in Big Hopes!
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